• A: I will try to find if there is any university would accept you, but according to my experience Chinese University at present generally do not accept transfer students, even if the individual schools accept, it will be very difficult. So you would better to consider from the freshman to read, so that you can have much more universities to choose, and get your admission letter successfully.
  • A: Yes, of course, I have confidence in you that you’ll get a decent job to pay for the tuition fee by yourself and it’s much easier for foreign students to find a job. Most of my applicants have already got a job, so will you. The thing that you need do first is to apply for the university.
  • A:If you want to apply for scholarship, I suggest you can try to apply to the Chinese government scholarship, the application time is from January to March every year. Students need to apply the scholarship by themselves, submit the application documents on the internet and you should also know some FAQs about the scholarship from here. If you want to get the scholarship by the university, you still have chance, but the condition is that you should be accepted by the university first, and your grades must be very excellent. So I wonder whether you want to study in China without scholarship. And after you go into the university, you could consult with the teachers.

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