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Scholarship System

Article 1The Chinese government establishes the "Chinese GovernmentScholarship" for foreign students to study in China.

The ChineseGovernment Scholarship includes undergraduate scholarship, graduate scholarshipand advance students' scholarship.

The Ministry ofEducation, in accordance with real needs, has established other scholarshipsfor special research or training.

Article 2The Ministry of Education formulates the plan onenrolling foreign students who receive the Chinese Government Scholarship, inaccordance with relevant treaties signed between the Chinese Government andforeign countries and the need of exchanges between China and other countries.

Article 3 Foreign students

receiving the Chinese GovernmentScholarship to study in China should accept annual assessment on thescholarship qualification. The assessment work will be conducted by highereducation institutions in accordance with relevant rules. For those foreign studentswho fail to pass the assessment, their qualification to enjoy the ChineseGovernment Scholarship will be suspended or canceled in accordance with therules.

Article 4 Local governments and higher-learning institutionshave the right to solely or jointly establish scholarships for foreign studentsin accordance with real needs. Upon obtaining permission from the highereducation institutions and provincial administrative department for education,Chinese and foreign enterprises, institutions, social organizations or othersocial bodies and individuals can also set up scholarships for foreignstudents, with no irrational conditions added.