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Hot News about Scholarship Now!

After a long time spring festival holiday, all the Chinese universities have started the new semester. Those students who have get admission successfully may be excited and happy. After a long time waiting you are coming to your dreaming university soon. Have you got everything ready? You can check here to review whether you have got everything that is needed.

Those who can not catch up with March semester of Chinese university need not worry. The intake for September 2014 has started already. You can prepare the documents that are needed for application and schedule your autumn intake now.

The autumn semester will start in September. And the application will always close in July or August (It depends on the arrangement of universities.). So many students think there is still time. They will begin preparing documents until July or even August. Some students succeed in such short time. Some students get admission successfully but fail applying for visas. Some even can not get admission in such short time. So the earlier the better.

And there is one piece of hot news for you.

There are two universities can providescholarship for international students now.

One is Shanghai Maritime University. It is a university with distinctive education on ocean, logistics and shipping, located in Shanghai, one of the biggest cities in China. To encourage international students to do further research in China, SHMU can provide scholarship for PHD students. After you get the admission notice, the teacher will evaluate your qualification and grant scholarship if you are excellent enough.

Another one is Northwestern Polytechnical University, located in Xi’an, one of the most ancient universities in China. The feature of this university is aerospace, Aeronautics education. And this university contributes much to the rocket development in China. Want to be one of them? And the good news, this university can provide scholarship for major in Astronautics. And the quota is very limited. If you are interested in it, what are you waiting?