General Tuition Cost of Studying in China

Study in China is inexpensive. You can geta general idea about expenses by looking at catalogs or application information provided by each university. The following table is only a rough guide to expenses for self-supporting foreign students.

1.Registration fees (including the admission examination fees): RMB400-800;

2.Tuition fees:

a)Majors in Liberal Arts

Undergraduates: 14,000-26,000 per academic year

Master's Degree Students: 18,000-30,000 per academic year

Doctoral Degree Students: 22,000-34,000 per academic year

Short-term Students: 3,000-4,800 for about one month's study,8,000-10,000 for about three months' study

2-year CollegeStudents and Visiting Scholars' tuition fees are similar to the Undergraduates';Senior Visiting Scholars' tuition fees are similar to Master's DegreeStudents'; Research Scholars' tuition fees are similar to the Doctoral DegreeStudents'.

b)Majors in Sciences

Generally Tuitionfees of Science majors are 10-30% higher than that of Liberal Arts majors.

c)Majors in Medicine, PhysicalEducation and Fine Arts

Generally Medical,Arts and Physical Education majors' tuition fees are 50-100% higher than feesof literal majors.