About AT0086

With the growing number of students in China and the rapid development of the network of new media, AT0086 was thus established in 2006 in China. AT0086 is a research institution in China, dedicated to providing one-stop services to study in China and the policy research of studying abroad in China. AT0086 includes three subordinate bodies: AT0086 Network, China International Students Admissions System (CISS) and Research Center for studying abroad in China.

AT0086 Network (www.at0086.com)

Being the largest global service platform of studying abroad in China, AT0086 focuses on the integrated and one-stop services with a combination of internet and traditional services business model as well as multi-language services, providing a convenient one-stop service forthe global population to study in China.

China International Students Admissions System (ciss.org.cn)

Through the integration of educational resources at home and abroad and the introduction of outstanding international education development experience, China International Admissions System takes the superior specialties as the direction, featured and brand specialties asthe support, boutique specialties taught in English as the main body, sharing network marketing and overseas resources, conducting joint admission promotion,aiming to provide convenient, efficient and safe services for overseas universities to carry out international exchanges and cooperation in admissions.

Research Center for Studying Abroad in China

The Research Center is dedicated to the policy research and promotion services of studying abroad in China, exploring the preponderant universities, disciplinesand specialties in China so as to build professional advantages standards ofthe studying abroad service industry. By analyzing the dynamic data bank of AT0086 Network, as well as the extensive market research, according to theforeign population in China choice preferences, the Research Center provides university disciplines and specialties ranks in China as well as colleges and universities to develop international service standards.