AT-China Education - Establishment

AT0086 Started a new business Plan in 2014 : Handling increasing demand from Chinese Universities for diversified international partners:

In 2014, At China Education was establishedto promot Chinese universities in south east asia. At China Education is on behalf of more than 100 Chinese universities to seeking overseas partners on international student exchange and other activities:

The goal for new promotion center:

1. Introduce Chinese government education policy and strategy on the international exchange:

Utilize the database authorized by CAFSA(China Association for International Education.) to introduce Chinese education resource via internet in the foreign country. 

2. Carry the critical information from Chinese universities about cooperation project and student admission:

The information including Chinese univirsity advantages and ranking.  They are in CISS

2. Introduce AT0086 competition advantages to overseas schools:

AT China Education is supported by AT0086 education exports and their huge database.

4. Assist local educational organisation to synchronize with Chinese education:

Our service is including:

1.Assist overseas student admission: We visit many school precipals and education-dedecated scholars  to understand student's difficulty about study in China. Under the support from cooperated Chinese universities, students who intend to tudy in China will get the best assistance and are offered by the Chinese univerities.

2. Coordinate the international exchnage program: At China Education help Chinese universities seeking different universities for various international exchange. The universities at both side will work together under professional help to solvethe problem in order to meet their expectation on exchange program. The universitiesin the China are very active for these international  coopoeration.However, the team works for international exchnage program have difficulty tofind the potntial partner. At China  Education works as a team with these universities.For those who are interested in the cooperation with Chinese universities,we are glad to offer our service.